How to attach Sales & Delivery Terms and Cancellation Form to order confirmation in Shopify

Why should you do this: In some markets is a requirement to attach these documents together with the order confirmation.

Here is a short guide to how to attach sales and delivery terms, as well as the standard cancellation form as PDF files for the Shopify order notifications.

1. Go to Settings -> Legal

  1. Insert the standard cancellation form under Refund policy
  2. Insert sales and delivery conditions under Terms of service
  3. Click “Save”

2. Go to Settings -> Notifications -> Order confirmation:

  1. Enter the following code at the bottom of the order confirmation:
    {{shop.terms_of_service | attach_as_pdf: “Terms of Service”}}
    {{shop.refund_policy | attach_as_pdf: “Refund Policy”}}
  2. Click “Save”
  3. Click “Send test e-mail” – check that the two documents are attached correctly to the order confirmation!

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